Cisco and IBM win new blockchain patents around 5G networks and package theft

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Cisco has won a new patent detailing how the company could leverage blockchain to secure data in 5G telecommunication networks.

As per a November 26 filing from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Cisco submitted a patent application in June 2018 for a blockchain platform that can be natively integrated in wireless networks. "This service-oriented architecture supports network slices, which employ an isolated set of programmable resources that can implement individual network functions and/or application services through software programs within a respective network slice, without interfering with other functions and services on coexisting network slices," the filing said.

欧洲杯买彩票IBM has also filed a patent for a system that makes use of blockchain technology to prevent drone-enabled package theft. As per the filling published by the USPTO on November 12, IBM will track drone altitude using an IoT altimeter, while continuously uploading that data to a blockchain secure platform. Packages in future will be fitted with an altitude sensor that will trigger an alarm if there is a significant altitude change outside of the preset criteria. The GPS-enabled IoT device will transmit its exact location data to a tracking module once the alarm is triggered.

欧洲杯买彩票Last month Titan Class, an Australian agricultural IoT firm, received an unspecified . Both firms had jointly developed an IoT decision support platform called 'eXtensible Decision Platform' for farmers. Cisco says: "With a single Titan Class deployment, farmers can use up to thousand sensors without restriction. These sensors have been proven on operating farms to reliably communicate over several kilometers from a simple on-farm communications tower and each sensor has inexpensive commodity batteries that can last for years."

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    I am sorry, Cisco have not “won” anything other than a first priority stake in the ground, it’s simply a patent application which has to go through a number of other steps before any patent is “awarded”. That said, there are various other conflicting claims previously from other parties, I suggest you check it out on Google patent search Names like IBM, Intel, B of A etc.. pop up among many others… here is the link


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