Toyota and Securitize develop blockchain-based ID platform

欧洲杯买彩票Toyota is looking to expand the scope of its blockchain operations with a new personal ID and vehicle ID platform that has been developed in collaboration with blockchain start-up BUIDL.

欧洲杯买彩票The personal ID platform can be used by corporate entities to manage points, employee benefits and digital certificate issuance, whereas the vehicle ID platform can be used to manage vehicle registration, maintenance records, ownership records and more.

BUIDL, established in 2018 and...

John Calian, SVP, Deutsche Telekom: How blockchain brings trust to the emerging M2M economy

欧洲杯买彩票“Think about all of your interactions, whether it’s humans dealing with humans or humans dealing with machines,” John Calian, senior vice president and head of T-Labs at Deutsche Telekom, explains. “How do you trust things?”

The concept of trust, so central to the rise in blockchain technologies, is one where consumers are increasingly gaining power. But there is a long way to go. A report from the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights in September predicted...

Kaspersky unveils new blockchain-based voting machine – reports

Blockchain - voting

Kaspersky Lab has introduced a voting machine based on Polys, a blockchain-based online voting system.

Kaspersky’s new voting machine would work like distributed ledger technology wherein the votes would be encrypted and the link between the voters would be verified, after which they will be able to confirm their vote that has been recorded on the blockchain.

The new system would aim to help reduce the possibility of fraud by verifying voters, as they would be able to...

Northern Data and Canaan collaborate on blockchain and AI development

Blockchain solutions and datacenter provider, Northern Data has announced its cooperation with Canaan, a blockchain technology firm, in order to bring development in the area of artificial Intelligence, blockchain technology and data centre operations.

Integrating Canaan's expertise in the fields of AI chip development and ASIC hardware with Northern Data's initiatives in data centre and blockchain infrastructure at scale will offer both firms a solid bedrock to develop and...

UEFA to unveil new blockchain ticketing system for upcoming Euro 2020 championship

UEFA, European football’s governing body, is to introduce a blockchain-based ticketing system for the upcoming Euro 2020 championship.

In order to boost the fans’ football experience, the UEFA blockchain ticketing system will include the distribution of match tickets through a mobile ticketing system application. This system is expected to deliver more than one million mobile tickets across the entire tournament.

欧洲杯买彩票According to UEFA, as Euro 2020 is expected to be its...

Blockchain technologies and media: How to rebuild trust in a landscape of fake news

欧洲杯买彩票If the one main cause of social media and Internet-based technologies is a democratisation of the court of opinion, then the erosion of trust is its effect.

An accidental effect? You be the judge. Information is everywhere today, so where should we look for the most trustworthy, the most up-to-date? Are the old bulwarks still up to the job? Naturally, amid such uncertainty, purveyors of disinformation and distortion run rampant – and the media industry, therefore, is facing a...

Lancashire Cricket launches blockchain-secure ticketing

Lancashire County Cricket Club has claimed to become the first organisation in the UK to have activated blockchain secure mobile tickets for all types of domestic and international matches at the Emirates Old Trafford stadium in 2020.

It will be leveraging a new blockchain mobile tickets platform, called TIXnGO, which will aim to ensure that only genuine supporters get tickets and will help curb the problem of counterfeit merchandise.

The TIXnGO platform was finalised...

Sacramento Kings to auction and verify memorabilia through Consensys-powered platform

The Sacramento Kings have partnered with ConsenSys to introduce a new auction platform that allows users to bid live on in-game sports gear through the latter’s supply chain product Treum. Each auctioned item will be authenticated on this platform, giving fans assurance that every single gear they intend to buy is authentic.

The auction platform will be available via and the award-winning Sacramento Kings + Golden 1 Center app and Fans would be able...

Juventus and Fiorentina move ahead with blockchain for fan engagement and shirt certification

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks – but it seems you can with the Old Lady.

欧洲杯买彩票Juventus, alongside Fiorentina, are two leading Italian football clubs who have announced the launch of blockchain projects focused around fan engagement and shirt certification respectively. Yet not all may be what it seems.

Last week a press release from Socios, a Malta-based company which claims to be ‘the world’s first blockchain-based voting and rewards mobile app for sports and...

WEF: Blockchain can achieve social impact in 2020 – but only with greater governance

欧洲杯买彩票The World Economic Forum (WEF) has argued that blockchain can make a breakthrough in 2020 and achieve social impact – but only once the ‘resignation’ around governance turns into recognition.

The economic body noted a change over the past 12 months as the move from ‘hype’ to ‘quality’ began. Yet the launch of Facebook Libra in 2019 – which contained more than a few missteps – as well as interventions from other central banks give grounds for only the most...