from the Original TV Soundtrack

Jacket Photo

1.Enterprise Bridge Sequence
2.Enterprise Doors Open into Corridor
3.Enterprise Doors Open into Transporter Room
4.Transporter Energize
7.Alian Planet Surface
8.Communicator Beeps
9.Dematerialization #2
10.Materialization - in trouble
11.Transporter Background #2
12.Enterprise Doors Open into Bridge
13.Red Alart Klaxon
14.Warp Drive
15.Spock's Viewer on the Bridge
16.Buttons on Bridge
17.Main Viewing Screen
18.Viewing Screen Magnification
19.Phaser Fireing Switch
20.Enterprise Phasers Firing (3 Blast)
21.Phaser Striking Hull
22.Photon Torpedo (3 Blast)
23.Phaser Striking Deflector Shields
24.Stratos Torture Ray Bomberdment
25.Food + Drink Synthesizer
26.Sickbay Scanner
27.Sickbay Scanner #2 (Heartbeats)
29.Spectro-Analysis Viewer
30.Main Viewing Screen (Animated Series)
31.Many Tribbles
32.Tribble Coos
33.Tribble Predator (Animated Series)
34.Tribble Violent Reaction
36.Boatswain Whistle
37.Alian Planet Atmosphere #2
38.Astrogator on Bridge
39.Garbled Radio Message
40.Romulan Ship Interior
41.Garbled Communicator Static
42.Bridge Scanner
43.M-5 Computer
44.Lab Scanner
45.Garbled Radio Signal #2
46.Disruptor Hits on Hull
47.Subterranean Elevator (Long)
48.Subterranean Elevator (Short)
49.Garbled Radio Signal #3 (Animated Series)
50.Engineering Room Interior
51.Comedy Background FX
52.Library Computer on Bridge
53.Eminar 7 Battle Computer
54.Red Alert Klaxon (Animated Series)
55.Red Alert Klaxons #2
56.Red Alert Klaxons #3
57.Warp Drive Malfunctioning
58.Warp Drive Acceleration #2
59.Warp Drive Acceleration & Deceleration
60.Transporter Dematerialization
61.Transporter Materialization
62.Hand Held Medical Scanner
63.Red Alert Klaxons #4
64.Bridge Sequence #2
65.Bridge Buttons #2
66.Enterprise Doors
67.Hand Phaser
68.Phaser Bank
69.Shuttlecraft Interior

Executive Album Producer & Editor : NEIL NORMAN

GNP Crescendo Records : GNPD8010