STAR TREK Volume Two/ Original TV Soundtrack
"The Doomsday Machine" & "Amok Time"

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1.Star Trek Main Title

2.Approach of Enterprise / The Constellation
3.Going Aboard
4.Commander Matt Decker / The Crew That Was
5.What is Doomsday Machine / The Planet Killer
6.Strange Boom / Decker Takes Over
7.The New Commander / Light Beams / Tractor Beam
8.Violent Shakes
9.Spock Takes Command / Decker's Foil /
Sneaky Commodore
10.Goodbye Mr. Decker
11.Condolences / Power Drain
12.Kirk Does It Again
13.One's Enough

14.Vulcan Fanfare / Prying
15.Mr. Spock
16.Contrary Order
18.Marriage Council
20.The Processional
21.The Challenge
22.The Ritual / Ancient Battle / 2nd Kroykah
23.Remorse / Marriage Council II
24.Resignation / Lazarus Return / Pig's Eye
25.Star Trek End Title

Composed by SOL KAPLAN (The Doomsday Machine)
and GERALD FRIED (Amok Time)
"Star Trek" Main Title composed by ALEXANDER COURAGE

GNP Crescendo Records : GNPD-8025