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Star (English)
The official Star Trek site.

The Ressikan Flute (English)
Another Star Trek music site.   Composers list of each episode is available.

Kleine Project (English)
The website of Brazilian band "Kleine Project".   They covers several tunes from TV series and movie themes.   There are MP3 and MIDI files. - Warp 11 (English)
You can listen to the songs by the Star Trek comedy band "Warp 11".

U.S.S. Kyushu (English) (Japanese) (UFP)
The broadcasting schedules in Japan, and the list of Star Trek characters or ships which named after Japanese words.

- Online music stores - (English)
This link will lead you directly to Star Trek related CD list on   These are not all of the items.   You can find more entries by serching "song title" with the word "Star Trek".

GNP Crescendo Records (English)
The site of GNP Crescendo Records, which releases the official Star Trek soundtrack albums.   On-line purchasing is available. (English)
"Star Trek Nemesis" soundtrack is released from this label.   On-line shopping is also available.

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