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Welcome to Star Trek: Variations!   - The Star Trek information site specialized in its music.
Here is a brief description of the pages.

Main   This Page. Including "What's new?" and "About this site".
Topics   Up to date information. "Enterprise" & "Star Trek Nemesis".
Covers   List of the cover versions of Star Trek themes.
Soundtracks   Discography of the original soundtracks.
  Actor/Actress     The music featuring Star Trek actors/actresses.
Related   Tribute album and parody songs.
S.P.O.C.K   Swedish-Vulcan band S.P.O.C.K who sings Star Trek world.
Links   Links to my favorite Star Trek site.

Icons stand for these series;

ST (ST): Star Trek (General)
TOS (TOS): Star Trek (The Original Series)
TNG (TNG): Star Trek: The Next Generation
DS9 (DS9): Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
VGR (VGR): Star Trek: Voyager
ENT (ENT): Star Trek: Enterprise

Well, my English may be strange or incorrect.   If you find some error, please let me know!   I would appreciate any advice or comments!!!

If you are a first time visitor, please read more "About this site".

What's new?

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About this site

"Star Trek: Variations" (= this site) is a private website created and maintained by Daisuke Hayashi (= webmaster).

This site is a corner of Daisy Planet, and at the same time, it's an independent site itself.

Copyright of all texts and images (include background images) in this site, except for the cases that stated later, belongs to the webmaster.   Please, do NOT use them without webmaster's permission.

"Star Trek" is the registered trademark of Paramount Pictures.   All rights of "Star Trek" and related productions are reserved by Paramount Pictures.

Icons are created by the webmaster based upon "Star Trak" designs.

Copyrights of the jacket images of the CDs belong to each record company.

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