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- Tributes -

Star Trek 30 Years - A Tribute [detail]
Various Artists
1996 BMG Ariola Media GmbH : 74321-39180-2
   This is the compilation album celebrating Star Trek's 30th anniversary.   Released in 1996, from Germany.   Most tracks are supposed to newly written for this CD.   Opening tune is a pop arranged version of ST:Voyager main title performed by LE VOYAGE, and this is a only piece featuring melody from the series.   Other songs are the creation by each artists.   Its musical categories are pops, hard rock, rap, house and so on...   Lyrics are written in English and Germany.   I can't understand them.   (My English isn't enough to hear all words of the text, and I can't understand Germany at all.)
   There is a song "The Return Flight of Raumschiff Edelweiss" performed by EDELWEISS.   This may be the sequel of "Starship Edelweiss".   Sadly however, it doesn't contain Star Trek theme.
   My favorite is ANYA MAHNKEN's "Ich Bin Verknallt In Jean-Luc Picard".   Female vocal sings "Jean-Luc..." with her whisper voice.   Fascinating!

- Parodies -

Star Trekkin' / THE FIRM
1991 Rhino Records Inc. : R2 70743
2003 Laugh.Com, Inc : LGH1137
   Probably, this is the most famous TOS parody song, which was originally released in 1987.

1997 Restaurant Records : 1005-2
   A TOS parody song.

1998 Varese Sarabande Records : VSD-5882
2003 Laugh.Com, Inc : LGH1137
   A small radio-drama style tune.   Originally released as a single record in 1977.

William Shatner / THE SCOFFLAWS
1995 Moon Ska Records : MR052CD
1997 Moon Ska Records : MR097
   A song titled as "William Shatner."   "Ska in Hi-Fi" contains the studio-recorded version of the song, and "Live Vol.1" features the live-recorded one.

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