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Up to date information.   Featuring "Enterprise" & "Star Trek Nemesis".

"The Star Trek Album" has been released on October 27th, 2003.
Silva Screen Records (UK) released double CD compilation album titled "The Star Trek Album" which is played by The City of Prague Philharmonic with conductor Nic Raine.   There are three Sci-Fi compilation albums, the "Space and Beyond" series, from the orchestra/conductor combination.   "The Star Trek Album" contains all Star Trek related tunes from the "Space and Beyond" series, plus newly recorded scores from "ST3: The Search for Spock" and "Star Trek Nemesis".
  [Link] Silva Screen Records sample
  [Link] : The Star Trek Album sample

All about "Enterprise."   Soundtracks, Cover versions and Scott Bakula.

Information about "Star Trek Nemesis" soundrack album.

Dr. Demento's sci-fi parody song compilation includes several Star Trek related pieces.



[ Soundtracks ]

ENTERPRISE Music from the Original Television Soundtrack [detail]
Music Composed and Conducted by Dennis McCarthy
2002 Decca Music Group Ltd. : 289 470 999-2
   Pirot episode soundtrack composed by Dennis McCarthy.
   The series title tune "Where My Heart Will Take Me"(originally called as "Faith of the Heart") was written by Diane Warren and performed by British opera singer Russell Watson.   This is the first title music features vocal in Star Trek history.   The song "Faith of the Heart" appeared first as the ending theme of the movie "Patch Adams" in 1998, which was performed by Rod Stewart.

[ Covers ]
"Where My Heart Will Take Me" ("Faith of the Heart") variations.

Where My Heart Will Take Me / RUSSELL WATSON
2001 Decca Music Group Ltd. : 289 470 300-2
(DVD) Russell Watson Live (2003)
2003 Universal Music : 074 180 9 (Int'l) / 907 4881 (UK) (Region1/NTSC) | (Region2/PAL)
   The album "Encore" contains the full length version of "Where My Heart Will Take Me" that we can also listen on the original soundtrack of "Enterprise."
   The version on the DVD was live recorded at Auckland Harbor, New Zealand.   It's the same concert that was featured as the multimedia track on Enterprise's soundtrack album.   Sadly however, the visual images of Enterprise NX-01 on the stage-side screen were edited and replaced by starfield images.

Faith of the Heart / ROD STEWART
1998 Universal Records, Inc. : UDS-56244
(album) Patch Adams The Original Soundtrack
1998 Universal Records, Inc.
   The original "Faith of the Heart" performed by Rod Stewart.

Faith of the Heart / SUSAN ASHTON
(single) Faith of the Heart / SUSAN ASHTON
1999 Capitol Records
1999 Capitol Records : 7243-4-97745-2-0
   Female vocal version of "Faith of the Heart".   Performed by Susan Ashton.

Faith of the Heart / TONY DAVICH
2000 Dare2Bu Records : 6965000-0824-2
   A version contained in the positive word song compilation album "Songs of Success".   Vocal by Tony Davich.

[ Actor/Actress ]
  Discography of Scott Bakula (Captain Archer)

Quantum Leap Music from the Television Series [detail]
Music by VELTON RAY BUNCH, Main Title Music by MIKE POST
1993 GNP Crescend Record : GNPD 8036
   This is the soundtrack album of TV series "Quantum Leap" starring Scott Bakula.   There are 6 songs performed by Bakula.

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[ Soundtracks ]

STAR TREK NEMESIS Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [detail]
Music Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith
2002 Varese Sarabande Records : 302 066 412 2
2003 Varese Sarabande Records : 302 066 430 2
   Tenth movie soundtrack album music composed by Jerry Goldsmith.
   The SACD edition contains stereo and multichannel tracks.   Further details here.

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- Parody Songs -

Dr. Demento's Hits from Outer Space [detail]
2003 Laugh.Com, Inc : LGH1137
   Dr. Demento's Sci-Fi comedy song compilation album.   Featuring "Star Trekkin'" by The Firm, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Earth" by Leonard Nimoy and songs which title are Star Trek related; "Beam Me Up, Scotty", "Stardrek", "Do the Picard", "What's Up Spock (Deep Space '99 Remix)" and "Star Trip".

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